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Multilingual chat with Pubnub and Amazon Translate

This blog is a demo of how you can add multilingual chat functionality to pubnub/typescript-ref-app-team-chat . This demo will be a good start to understand how Amazon Translator API works. So let’s get started. First, you have to download or clone pubnub-typescript-ref-team-chat from github. Follow the instructions given there and create a PubNub keyset. Insert them into the cloned […]


What is OpenID Connect? What problem does it solve?

Authentication and Authorization go hand in hand. If you want to read more about OAuth 2.0 which helps in Authorization you can go through the link. (I would suggest reading my blog about OAuth 2.0 first you will get more idea about this topic.) Let’s start with Why OpenID Connect was invented? So before we even talk […]

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Hackathon Chronicle 1: Rekindling the ‘lost touch’!

Last year, when the pandemic hit, like most companies, we at Udgama too, started working remotely. Not that we didn’t have the infrastructure or tools to work and communicate from home, it was not the same. Even decorating my work desk at home could not make up for the fun work banter, the brainstorming sessions, […]


Using ESLint and Prettier to work with a Typescript Project

Linting is the automated process of checking whether there are any bugs in your code or not. In short, it does the work of the human eye but just with more efficiency. It’s done by a lint tool also called linter.Prettier is another automated process for formatting your code to follow consistent styling. It makes […]