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While we’d be more than happy to resolve your query, do take a look at these FAQs. You might find what you’re looking for in there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary service you provide in your business?

We have four major service areas:

  • Devops as a Service
  • AWS Consulting
  • Serverless GraphQL and REST API Backend Development
  • Frontend Development with React and Typescript

However, our forte is not the services but the culture we’re building here. Our focus is on providing technologists who’d do great at whatever the build and that’s the primary service we provide– the skill.

Can you help me refine the backend for my existing tech product?

Definitely. We can work with your backend team to move your product to a serverless backend so that it becomes flexible and scalable.

How do you ensure that the products you build are reliable?

We use methodologies like Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Component-Driven Development (CDD) to build the product. Not just that, we also follow extensive QA and Testing procedures, before rolling out the product. Be rest assured, we make sure that the product is built on the best security and stability standards.

Can I check out a product that you’ve already built?

Sure, we’d recommend you trying out TeamPlus, our simple and easy leave management tool, built by our team. We ensure you won’t be disappointed.

How many hours will you dedicate each day to my product?

We devote 5 dedicated hours to product development. The rest of the time we leave out for learning and brainstorming.

What all types of tech products can you develop?

We’ve worked on web applications, software solutions, software products, and mobile applications, but we don’t limit ourselves and are open to expanding our product range. Who knows we may be building drones next, as long as we’re convinced that they’d help us solve real-world problems and leave an impact.  

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