we help companies reach their financial and branding goals. Udgama is a values-driven technology agency dedicated.

Digital Transformation Catalysts.

We help companies build world-class tech products, adopt the latest technology and embrace the digital world, faster.  We are the technology catalysts for businesses.

// Our Pillars

We Value Impact

Udgama is a team of tech-enthusiasts with a common goal–to build technology that can solve problems. We are not here to work on out-of-the-world ideas. We are here to work on real-world issues and combat them with simple but impactful tech solutions. A major part of it is by empowering people to work with technology. Our impact is the culture we build, the products that come out of it are merely the by-products.

A part of our day is spent on learning, knowledge sharing, and training. Not just that, we spend every Saturday engaging in discussions, meetups, and TedTalks.



As early adopters of innovation, we stay abreast with the latest tools and technology in the market and try to adopt them in the products that we develop.



While we are dedicated to building tech products and providing software development services, we also continuously build our own products.


//Our Services

What We Create

Udgama is building a culture of learning, an ecosystem that works on driving people to do great things and develop great products. The services we offer, are the energy resource to sustain the system and grow it. Here’s what we can do for you.

DevOps as a Service
We work with you to build a sustainable and reliable system for delivering impactful software, faster.

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Serverless Backend Development
We work with your team to develop Serverless GraphQL and REST API Backends and bring your frontends to life.

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AWS Cloud Consulting
We provide expert cloud consulting services to help you get on the cloud and optimize it to, scale faster.

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Frontend Development
Taking a user-first approach, we build frontends with React and Typescript that are responsive and easy to navigate.

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//Our Techstack

How We Build

We’ve mastered some of the most common tools of the trade, for creating intuitive frontends and reliable backends and are busy learning more.

Frontend Technologies
Backend Technologies

Why Customers Love Us

Our Methodologies

Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Component-Driven Development (CDD) are not mere words that we love. It’s a way of life.

Our Transparency

Clear expectations, realistic timelines, and complete transparency–we understand your concern and always keep you in the loop. There’s no black box.

Our Ownership

We want to build bigger, better things and learn as we grow. Every product for us is a milestone on the journey of innovation and we build it as if our own.

Our Quality

We prioritize and consistently deliver exceptional quality in everything we do. Quality isn't just a feature; it's our pledge, earning trust with each product and service.

Our Services

Epitomize reliability and excellence, addressing your unique needs with precision and care, ensuring a tailored approach that stands out in a world of generic solutions.

Our Innovative Solutions

Elevate operations through expert cloud and DevOps consultancy. Stay ahead in the digital race with our cutting-edge software and forward-thinking solutions.

//Our Products

Explore Udyamo

Udyamo is our nest. Our nest that houses all the products that we’ve built so far and that are ready to spread their wings. 

The simplest leave and time-off management platform is here.

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