we help companies reach their financial and branding goals. Udgama is a values-driven technology agency dedicated.

The Udgama Way

We are dedicated to shaping a generation of technologists who have the potential to significantly transform the technological landscape in India, heralding a new era of innovation and progress.

Our Vision

To be the enabler that helps team members, customers, users and all those around us, realize their potential by  providing them with guidance, mentoring, training, and building tools and technologies that can empower them. 

Our Mission

To continuously nurture a culture that produces exceptional technologists and delivers exceptional products by cultivating a pro-learning mindset. 

Our Quality

With an unwavering dedication to upholding the utmost quality standards, each product we deliver serves as a testament to our commitment. Our relentless focus ensures not only meeting but consistently exceeding the expectations of our esteemed clientele, reinforcing their trust in our brand.

Our Core values

To encapsulate our growth journey and the lessons we've embraced. They serve as the compass guiding our actions, reflecting in how we collaborate and navigate challenges—shaping the ethos of our organization.

// Our Core

Pillars That Drive Us

We are driven by four values, that are bound to take us where we want to be. 

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Keep Learning and Growing

We never miss a chance to grow our knowledge. Our team is busy learning new tools and technologies–beyond the scope of our projects. From Coursera courses to extensive books, we are always preoccupied with learning. For us, that’s the only way to grow. In fact, our entire team has subscriptions to Kindle and Audible (for those who prefer to listening over reading!), so that we never run out of books to learn from.

Adopt Innovation Early

We didn’t hesitate to try Agile over Waterfall, we didn’t resist using serverless technologies. As early adopters of innovation, technology is what keeps us going, and we work with only the best-of-the-breed tools. So, if something better launches in the market, we’d be one of the first ones to check it out. Not just that, we diligently learn the new technologies, become experts, and then offer those services to our customers.

Share Your Knowledge

Limiting your learning to yourself restricts growth. So, we share what we learn. As a matter of fact, every Friday evening, we have a book discussion wherein team member share their learning from the latest book they’ve read or the latest Ted-Talk they’ve watched with the rest of the team while others express their thoughts and perspectives on the topic.

Contribute To The Community

We want to create an impact in the community. First of all, for those who work with us, the Udgamans. Secondly, for those who are directly dependent on us–our customers, family, and friends. Lastly, for the nation, sharing our learning and innovation with one and all. We do this by participating in Meetups, conducting learning sessions, and building tech tools that make things easier for those around us.

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