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Accelerating Product Development with external ReactJS Frontend Team

Software product development with an external team is a global trend. As the world becomes more open, global talent has become more reachable with hiring an external team for software development as companies are in need of talent and technical skills that they don’t find internally. We, in this article, give our readers an insight into the process of accelerating the product development with the help of external ReactJs Frontend team.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces for different platforms. It is considered as the most powerful UI library ever created that can be used to create web applications, mobile app development (sharing the majority of code between Android and iOS) with React Native, and cross-platform hybrid desktop applications with ElectronJs. ReactJs empowers the interface of major organizations such as Amazon, PayPal, Airbnb, Uber, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, Twitter, BBC, CNN, and over a million other websites worldwide. Created by Facebook, ReactJS has quickly built a challenging technical reputation and a huge active community.

Hiring an external team for software development has become increasingly popular these days because it enables companies to take advantage of the technology at a reduced cost, greater flexibility, and higher efficiency. Grabbing the benefit of the technology and building a ReactJs Frontend application for your business idea would need you to have the expertise in the domain. By collaborating with an external team, you get to benefit from all the experience and skills they have gained.

5 key benefits of hiring an external ReactJs team for software development

It comes with many benefits — here are the most important ones:


Building a software development team internally takes time. It often takes months to attract and hire top talent and eventually, the business owner would have to wait several months before the team is ready to start working on the app. By hiring an external ReactJs frontend team, they can accelerate your software development process and can quicken their app’s time-to-market.

 Reduced costs

Recruiting talented React Developers is costly and time-consuming. The in-house development team generates a range of costs i.e., from the costs of attracting and recruiting candidates to the expenses related to the office infrastructure, learning, etc. Also, building an in-house development team for specific technology is pretty expensive, time-consuming, and challenging.

Hiring an external team for building your frontend application can add a feather in your cap. Sometimes there might be a task which would have a have steep learning curve and if not executed properly, can mean a struggle for your business. Also if your existing in-house staff has too many things on their plates, an easier option is to hire a team of experts who can solve your problem.

 Tested processes

Hiring an external team of experts offers the benefit of having a team that has already worked on multiple projects and written a great number of applications. As a result, these teams come with a well-defined process and workflows that ensure top quality at every step of the project by keeping everyone productive and speed up the development process.


Scaling the in-house team up or down takes much more time and generates higher costs as well as other issues. With hiring an external development team you don’t have to worry about it and your business can respond to the changing business requirements.

 Access to top talent

As companies expand, they become part of increasingly demanding projects. They need a team that would meet the demands of their customers and users. That’s why they hire experts in their fields. By hiring an external team of ReactJs experts, you gain access to skilled engineers who have been battle-tested in many different projects.

Not every day is sunny when it comes to building your own product out of your business idea. So having an external team of experts would help to flourish the business by maintaining product quality and saving time and money.   

What a good react team looks like?

 Continuous Learning

Focus on learning is one of the key factors for any team to excel. Continuously adapting to the ever-changing technology by having an increasing learning curve can help in the smooth development of the project and achieving sustainable business growth as well.

Building a ReactJs frontend application includes not only writing code for building ReactJs components but also things like state management, testing, build/deployment tools, CI/CD, React UI frameworks, etc.

Here is a list of some ReactJs best practices:

 State management

Gone are the days of creating multi-page applications, as building single-page applications have become largely acceptable. Hence our code must manage more states than ever before. Redux is a state container for JavaScript apps.


No one likes bad surprises..!
Testing a ReactJs application helps in fixing the bugs and determining the quality after a programmer develops it. Software testing procedures help businesses perform their daily activities more efficiently when they implement it. Tools used for testing ReactJs application mainly include Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai, Storybook.

 ️React UI framework:

React UI framework help in making the appearance look consistent. It helps components for faster and easier web development. Using such frameworks also increases the pace of the project implementation. Commonly used React UI frameworks are Material-UI and Reactstrap. Material-UI is based on Google Material Design.

 CI/CD :

In software product development, there is a common stage that we call “continuous frustration”  . It is a result of the absence of any continuous integration or continuous delivery practices!

GitHub Actions provides a way of automating the build, test, and deployment of projects on any platform, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. It provides live logs that produce rich feedback into the progress of the builds as it runs. GitHub displays the logs to the Actions console to show the status in real-time. These are formatted for easy reading.

 Build/deployment tools :

  • ESLint: It is a linter tool to help maintain code quality by identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript.
  • Prettier: It is a Code formatting tool. You press save and code is formatted. No need to discuss style in code review. Saves you time and energy.
  • create-react-app: It quickly generates boilerplate React app with workflows for development and production builds.
  • Webpack: It is a packager for development builds
  • Babel: It is a compiler for transpiling ECMAScript and JSX code into browser-executable code

Hence, choosing the right team will have a great impact on product development!